Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yep, I'm Back-well sort of..

Happily 20 weeks along in my second pregnancy, finished with all the nausea. Unfortunately, I am unable to run due to doctors orders. And I am listening because I don't want to end up on bedrest. But, it makes it a challenge to attempt to stay in shape during this pregnancy when I just don't get much time to myself and it has been cold and raining for the last week or two. I did purchase some prenatal exercise dvds so hopefully they get here soon and I can make some time for them.

But, oddly since I've been told I can't run, I've been dying to get out and do just that. I am planning on entering some races in late spring, early summer just to motivate me once the baby comes. The girls can enjoy some quality time in the jogger while I relieve some stress.