Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well, I got a mom's night out and saw Wicked. Of course I didn't get home until late and the baby woke up at midnight, 1,2 and 3:00. She then slept until 6 so before she started to fuss I jumped out of bed and told my hubby, "Back in 20." On my way out I heard my three year old stirring. So I did a quick couple of miles and came back home to both kids awake. Hard to believe 2 miles used to be a warm up and now it IS the workout. I have to get over feeling guilty about not running enough and be happy with getting in some mileage. I'll take what I can get.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Run

Woke up at 6 to go for a run but didn't get out the door until 7:30. One kid awake then the other, had to wait for the baby to go down for her morning nap. Ahh, the life of a mom.

My runs haven't gotten any easier bit I made it 43 minutes this morning. Yep, that's my long run for this week. I'll shoot for a little longer next week. This heat wave is supposed to end today and go back to the 80's for next week so I hope that will help:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lindsay Brin: HIIT Cardio - High Intensity Interval Training

Did this workout this morning-Lindsay Brin: HIIT Cardio - High Intensity Interval Training. It was short and sweet so I was able to squeeze it in after working all night and before the baby woke up from her brief nap. Good thing too 'cause it's hot out there. It was great to feel like I was doing some speedwork too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fitting It In

Yes I have become one of those moms. Between the heat, humidity, lack of time and energy, I am now running *gasp* before the kids wake up. I had a couple of weeks that between work and illness I think I may have run once. The baby has a routine feeding around 5 am and falls back to sleep. That's when I sneak out for 20-30 minutes. Mind you this is week two of doing this and only once one or both kids haven't been awake when I got back. So the shower thing has to wait for awhile and I don't usually get breakfast until later but it's better than not running. This way I ran 3 times last week and plan 3-4 times this week. I also find myself in bed before 10 pm so that's a good thing. Last night the baby slept from 10 until 5 so I have high hopes that this new running time will work for the family.