About Me

I have been  runner for a long time.  My mom was a runner in the early 80's so we were entered in the kids races.  I ran my first 5 mile race when I was 11.    Fast forward to high school,  I was overweight so I joined the cross country team.  I was the slowest and frequently came in dead last but I still ran.

I ran off and on through college.  After I got married, I got more serious about running consistently.  I made a goal of doing a sprint triathlon in 1999.      I would meet my Dad to bike and I joined a local women's running group.  I enjoyed chatting with others while putting in the miles running.  I really enjoyed the biking and discovered that I was actually a decent cyclist.  I spent a lot of time riding,  I rode many century bike rides and did many local sprint distance triathlons.

I ran my first marathon in 2003.  I did a half ironman in 2004.  My second marathon in 2005.  My third in 2006.  My fourth will be in 2011.  The long time off was because I had my first daughter in 2007, my second in 2010.  I have either been pregnant, breastfeeding, or both (yes I was still nursing my oldest when I got pregnant with #2) so I haven't had the ability to be away for long periods of time.  I am hoping to have that figured out a little more this time so I can continue to nurse my youngest while still training next summer. It will just take planning on my part.  I'm not traveling for the marathon so that will make it easier. I hope.