Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School finally started!

This week has been going well.   Sunday was a 14 miles at marathon pace.  We ran the first 2 at 11 minute miles, per our marathon plan.  Then ran the rest at 10 minute pace, pretty even splits.   My watch broke and I have yet to replace it so I am relying on what my sister tells me wile running and my memory:)
She doesn't like to have her picture taken
Monday was finally the first day of school!!! Yay.  The preschooler had a great day and I did stroller fit with the baby.  I worked the night shift Monday then got my 3 hours of sleep before being up with the kiddos the rest of the day.
 Tuesday was the first day of soccer so I planned my run around that.  I got a head start and ran to practice while the hubby and kids drove.  I got in 4.5 and still got to see the last part of practice.

Today has been crazy, I got up early so I could drop the baby off with grandpa.  Of course it was raining so I had to leave extra early.  I then had to drop of at preschool then I headed to work.  I ended up driving 90 minutes before I even got to work.  Luckily, I only had to work 5 hours then it was back out it the rain to pick up the kids. Of course, on my way out I slipped and slid down a muddy hill.  I was covered in mud.  I was wearing my white labcoat too so I am hoping that it will come out in the wash.  It rained all afternoon.  I was really dreading going out for a run.  My sister texted me she was still going to meet me.  Ugh, I was whiny but I got my crap together.  Workout was 4 miles at marathon pace then 4 miles fast.  We did the first 4 in 40:29 then did the next 4 in 35:xx. It stopped raining right before we started and was cool and overcast for our run.  So that's my week so far.  Our first 20 miler of this training cycle is this weekend!