Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazy Weather

The weather here in Missouri is always a little crazy and today was no exception. My sister and I decided to get our long run done today because the high temperature was going to be in the 60's. Yep, you read that right. There was snow and ice on the ground at the beginning of the week, 60s today and dropping back into the 20s for tomorrow.
There was a storm that came through the night and another storm due to come through in the afternoon so we were going to get out in between. My sister wanted to do 10-11 miles and I wanted to stay in the 6-8 range so we decided she would run over to the park near me and I would run over and meet her there. First loop was uneventful. It was humid but we were happy to be out in short sleeves with none of the cumbersome winter gear. Second loop the tornado sirens alarmed. We were under a tornado warning. The skies still looked fine and there were a lot of people running so we kept going. Stopped at a water fountain, noticed the skies getting a little darker so I called my husband to ask if we should head home. Of course, he had PBS on for the kids and said we'd be fine to keep going.
So, we continued around the park. As we turned at the far end we heard some thunder so we were starting to think we would just run back to my house. There are many old trees in that park and you definitely don't want to be there if there is lightening. We were pretty close to the turn to go toward my house when my husband called and said, "yeah, you might want to come home, the storm is coming pretty quickly." Good, decision made for us. Luckily, we got to my house before the storm hit and my sister's boyfriend picked her up. My sister ran 8.5 miles and I ran a little over 7 so we were happy to have gotten that much done.
Come to find out a tornado had actually touched down a little further west. Which I didn't realize until we were driving over to my friend's house about an hour later. The streets were blocked for downed power lines. The stoplights were dark. There were news crews and utility trucks. Thankfully, no lives were lost but there are many without homes tonight.
So wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe new year. I know I will be happily ringing in the new year at home this year. No plans, just me and the hubby,a bottle of wine streaming a Netflix movie. Cheers!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Rewind

We had a very busy Christmas here. First, there was the Christmas Eve run in the snow. We had a family gathering on Christmas Eve that went late into the night. It included about fifty family members so everyone had a great time. Christmas Day we opened presents at home followed by brunch at my parents' house. That was followed by a five hour drive for Christmas dinner at my in-laws.

Our barista

Christmas Day drive

Oh, but we weren't done yet. After spending the night there we got back on the road. Lunch at Shakespeare's to let the girls out of the car. Then back to my parents for sledding, dinner and finally home. So it was a whirlwind weekend. Going back to work on Monday was rough but I think we are finally recovering and getting back on schedule.

I received some awesome winter running gifts by the way. I'll be sharing that in another post:)
Hope everyone had a great holiday.  Looking forward to a great 2011!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do Not Try This at Home

I got out today for a run with my sister.  She is running a 10 mile race next weekend, just as a training run  but she was hoping to get in 8 miles today.  I haven't run all week but I figured I could eek out 6 or so and then I could run/walk the last part.  I think I've mentioned before we live near each other and just run 1.5 miles each to meet for our run, do the middle miles together, and then run home.

Really didn't feel too bad for the first 6 miles.  My sister only moved this fall so we don't have any set loops yet.  She wears her Garmin and we set forth.  So we ran one loop of a nearby park then added on little bit more, then a little more.  We weren't quite thinking when we decided to add on a liitle more because we still had to run back.  My quad started to be a little angry with me so I decided to take a little walk break, that is when she looked at the Garmin and it had 6.3 or  so on it. We weren't anywhere near the end.   By time we got back to start, she had 8 miles on her Garmin and I still had a 1.5 miles to get home. So I  sucked it up and ran/walked the remainder.  I had a couple dollars with me so I bought some gatorade at the market on the way home. Not the smartest run.

Feeling a bit stiff and sore now so I am trying to recover.  Will be using this

and stretching, use heat,ice, ibuprofen. whatever it takes.  Hopefully I will feel better in the morning so I can get in a few runs this week.

So, has anyone else gotten lost,  gone out too far before you realized it?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow and Ice

Winter has settled in early here. We got snow this past weekend. Not very much, just enough to make getting around difficult. I went out for a run Sunday and saw two accidents in the three blocks it takes for me to run to the park. I tried to run at the park but the path was snow and ice covered and there were strong wind gusts. I cut it short and hoped for better weather. Ha! Wind chill advisory on Monday and Tuesday followed by a nice glaze of ice over everything Wednesday and school was cancelled for Thursday.

I have been sneaking in DVD workouts but haven't made it up to the y to use a treadmill. It is supposed to finally get above freezing here this weekend so I already have a run planed with my sister for Sunday. Who knew how much a pair of yak-tracks would come in handy this early? Maybe I should hope Santa leaves me a pair if this weather continues. Or a treadmill...

Anyway, that is my brief weekly update. It is cold and icy so the kids and I are enjoying some indoor fun.  I am off to work tonight, I skipped the dvd workout tonight in lieu of drinking coffee getting this post done.  I already got a call from work that census is high so I figured I would sit on my butt while I
can.  I have 8 hours of tugging on patients being on my feet ahead of me.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Try this again

I tried making a post earlier but somehow deleted it, I guess.  I was reflecting on my day.  I woke up super crabby,shocking probably because I slept on the couch.  The baby just wasn't cooperating with sleeping, my husband finally got her to sleep in our bed, but she wouldn't sleep if she saw me. Go figure.

Anyway, I banged my knee into the corner of the coffee table yesterday and it was still hurting when I woke. up.  I was hoping to meet my running group for a run.  Thankfully, after I started running it didn't bother me.  We had a good run followed by coffee for me and  a bagel for baby.  We had a great time visiting with the group.  I felt relaxed and rejuvenated by time I got home.  I don't know why I am such a slacker, I usually feel better after I run.  I think it is that I am just too tired to start.  Getting  me and the kids dressed(bundled) for the cold and out the door seems like such a chore. Especially when I have both of them.  I just need to suck it up and get out the door.
 I am super tired, the laundry is in the dryer so I am off to bed, while I can......

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I had a work meeting/ holiday party today for work.  We have a new scale/body fat analyzer we had to learn to use.  It not only tells you your body fat % *yikes*,  it also tells you how much weight to lose and gives some other specifics.  So, now I have in black and white that I need to lose 15 pounds.  Ugh, thanks for the uplifting holiday party.  In my defense, we ate breakfast right before we weighed and I was in jeans.    That has to count for something. Right?

2. Finally got caught up on sleep.  I was awake for 40 hours (minus a three hour nap) from Monday through Tuesday.   I actually got eight hours of sleep last night!  which leads me to...

3. I got in a very short run this evening before dinner.  Only 2.5 miles but better than nothing and I felt good.


Monday, November 29, 2010

blah, blah, blah

I haven't posted for a week.  I guess with the holiday, time just slipped by.  I have been suffering a case of the blahs.  Not sure if it is winter, hormonal, fatigue, or what but I feel blah.  The weather is changing, it has been cold and rainy today.  I need to bust out the winter gear.  I have been working on eating my fruits and veggies.  I have been taking my multi vitamin, and added in some vitamin D. I have been working out but I haven't run since Wednesday.  Just trying to change it up a little until I am feeling a little more upbeat.

On the bright side I took the three year old to see Tangled, just the two of us. We had a good time.  The baby is getting around more than ever.  She is pulling up, even started saying "mama".
 Doesn't she look proud of herself?  I had put that puzzle box on the second step, out of her reach, or so I thought.

HBBC:  Been getting in fruits and veggies, and some cardio/toning. Need to scoot over there and put down the point total.  Speaking of that, I am going to check out runningwithababyonboard. She was kind enough to stop by so I am going to peruse her blog.  Love getting comments and hearing from others.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Challenge update

No, I didn't get my run in Saturday night.  By time I got dinner,baths, and bedtime for the girls, I was off to bed myself.  Good thing too because they were both up during the night.   

Anyway, I was feeling rather bleh about going for a run Sunday morning so I called my sister.  She too was feeling bleh but for I am in my 20's kinda reasons.  So we agreed to meet for an afternoon run.  We live just a few miles apart so we each run (1.75 miles to be precise)  and join up for a few miles then run back.  We had a good run and ended up getting in over 7 miles total.  

I have been adding in fruits and veggies the last several days.  I have been reaching my goal of 7 even if it means my evening snack is fruit or veggies.  I went for a post bedtime grocery store trip and filled my cart with fruits and veggies. I even had this as my afternoon snack today instead of sneaking cookies from the pantry when the kiddos weren't looking. I even shared with my three year old, she loves any food that lets her use fingers and dip.  So thanks to Amanda at Run to the Finish for having this challenge.  It has made me watch what I am eating rather than just shoving in whatever is easiest.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

Today is the kick off for the challenge.  You can read about it here.

I have 3 miles on the plan for the day. Yes, I know it is 5 pm.  I worked the night shift last night so I got in a 2 hour nap before getting up with baby while M. took the 3 year old to dance class (and he got in a workout). When they got home, I snuck in another 2 hour nap.  But, this being Harry Potter opening weekend, my hubby and family are all seeing the movie.  No, I 'm not jealous. Since they are there, I am here with the kiddos.  This would be the ideal time to be on a treadmill (if I had one). The baby is taking a nap.
But, I am still hoping to sneak out after bedtime tonight for a quick run. We'll see.  I am still in my pj's and about to make dinner.  Pasta with broccoli and cauliflower. mmm. Almost got in my 7 servings of fruits and veggies already today,  I just need to have fruit as dessert.  Apple or a pear?
 Looking forward to see how others keep track of their points, not sure if I will use pen and paper or try to keep track online somewhere.  We need an app for this:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Training Plan

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post my training plan. I found one I like on Marathon training
If I figure it out I will post a link. I also can't figure out how to post to the training plan page. I won't tell you how much time I have wasted this afternoon trying to do this. Oh well. Anyway, it is a slow buildup uses the 10% rule and has drop back weeks like every third or fourth week. It is 19 weeks so I will get my base up into the 30+ miles a week range. I'll see how I feel after that. In my head I am thinking I will then focus on some speed work before I begin my actual marathon training. I am one of those people that needs a plan posted on the fridge or I will come up with other things to do with my day.
The baby has an ear infection so she is taking a nap and the three year old is on the computer playing some games. I should be doing something more productive with my time. At least I washed the diapers already. Plan on running 3 miles this afternoon and meeting my sister tomorrow to get in 4. Already went to the Y today and did Mommy and Me sculpt class so at least I don't feel like I have completely wasted my day.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It is that time of year.

Well, since life has been crazy and I haven't been running much, I am going to tell you how much I love Shutterfly Holiday Cards.  Seriously.  

I have made the our family's Christmas Cards online with Shutterfly for the past two years.  It is super easy and affordable.  Oh, and did I mention I wait until the last minute before I think, oh those need to be mailed, like tomorrow.  Yeah, I am a major procrastinator, what a shock.  I quick make them up and then pick them up at my local Target.  Yep, that's right, don't even have to wait. No shipping fees. They are ready just a few hours later.  Awesome.  Address and out in the mail.  Everyone is happy to get a picture of the kiddo (this year will be of both of course).  And, I am happy I don't have to buy the uber expensive ones from a portrait studio when I get the kids pictures taken.  They have tons of different styles,  and you can personalize with a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah.  Whatever you want.

The first year, I just included a few snapshots from the year.

If I could figure out how to make this bigger I would:) so instead I added a link below

Last year, I used a picture I snapped while we were looking at the holiday display at the Botanical Garden. 

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à 

So Happy Holidays, I have a goal of getting my cards out early and of finally finishing that baby book that I have almost completed.  


Candy Canes Red Christmas
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View the entire collection of cards.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

When it rains, it pours

So a few weeks ago we had a flood in our house, thanks to the radiators in just about every room of the house filling with water and leaking.  Yesterday, I was all ready to go to the Y, the kids loaded in the car, packed to go directly to my mom's afterward. And wadda ya know, my car won't start. Awesome.  Had to get the hubby to come pick me and the kids up, drop us off at my mom's so I could borrow one of their vehicles to get to work.  No workout for me.  Thankfully, I can borrow my mom's car while mine gets fixed.  And, to top it off today, I got a letter from the stupid, no good, evil insurance company stating that they won't cover it.  Awesome. 
The good news, I got in a much needed run today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where did October Go?

So October was a total fail for me.  I didn't make my mileage goals at all.  Between the house situation and the baby having a cold and teeth coming in, things did not go smoothly.  I think it should be called no sleep October because that is what it turned into.  On the bright side, I was so stressed out I lost a few pounds so those pre-pregnancy jeans are fitting.  

I am hoping for a No Excuse November.  I ran with the double stroller for 30 minutes this morning.  That is as long as I could hold off the three year old.  She wanted to go to the playground.  It is fairly cool here so I thought I should let her play while she could still feel her hands.

Gotta dash for a quick nap then it is off to work for me.  Hope to get some time to post further later, oh and to fit in that running thing.

Monday, October 25, 2010

You say it's your birthday.....

Back in the house, back to running.  Got in four miles yesterday and three today.  Felt quick today thanks to the new kicks from my mom for my birthday.  Thanks Mom!! Went with a new shoe this time.  I've been running in Brooks Adrenaline's for a while and just thought it was time for a change.  I have some miles left in my Brooks though so I am planning on alternating with the new Pearl Izumi Pace I got today.  Thanks to Ben at Big River for working with me.  It hard when you have two kids with you and one is trying to tear up the store:)
I took them out for the short run tonight and they felt good. So another year older but still in the same age group.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A flood

This was a crazy week. It started Sunday morning with the radiators. They malfunctioned and started leaking water, everywhere. Of course, it was the middle of the night so it didn't wake us up until it was raining in the house. Fast forward, call the flood team. We have damage to every room except two. Thankfully, the girls room was one of the dry rooms. We then spent the week with my parents while things dried out. So, thanks to them for taking us in for the week.
We are back home but we still have repair work that will need to be done when the insurance is all sorted out. There was damage to ceilings,walls,floors but not to any personal effects. We still have cleaning to do, everything got shoved to the dry side of the dining room.
The ceiling in the living room.
I guess I don't need to mention how little running I did this week. I did do my long run Sunday. Then I ran one day. I still managed to work three days this week. I was on my way to meet some friends to run thursday when I ended up having to meet some workers back at the house. By time they were finished, it was time to pick up at preschool.
I am hoping for a better week both eating and running. These things happen so I'm not going to beat myself up for missing my workouts. I also ate like crap but I was anxious all week.
On the bright side, I had clean and organize house on my list of things to do so I am cleaning and organizing as I put things back in place.
Here's to a good long run tomorrow!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Foto Friday

I don't know if you can make it out, but this is what happens when a three year old get up too early.  She is sound asleep in the chair on the porch.  And, the baby is asleep in her crib.  And, it is beautiful outside.  

Good luck to all the racers this weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here comes fall

The wind picked up today, it is getting cooler outside.  No more near 90 degrees like it was this weekend.  Looking forward to capris, pumpkin lattes, and baby legs for the girls.  Enjoyed my run this evening.  Legs feel MUCH BETTER than they did last week.  Happy Running!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Life took over this weekend.  Work, dance class, birthday party,wedding,haircuts, day at grant's farm. Shall I go on?  Between that and my lack of training plan it lead to no running.  I did however run today. Yay!  I ran a route from my parents' house.  I actually felt really good, I felt strong. I ran a little over 4 miles.  I feel recovered from my race.
Hope to get in some miles this week.  Looking forward to reading some race reports from this weekend.  Had a friend that ran Chicago, she finished but spent some time in the medical tent afterwards.  Yikes!
Have a good running week!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What to do, what to do....

Well with the next race I am registered for being more than a year away, I have no official training plan.  So, I guess I am looking either a really long training plan or a goal race in between to kind of keep me going.  Looking at base mileage this winter, speedwork this spring, marathon training summer of '11.  Any ideas on races, training plans?  I'm all ears.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A quickie

I enjoyed taking the baby on our solo run today.  My legs were screaming from squat day at sculpt class. and my 4 mile run yesterday.  I am still in recovery mode from Sunday's race.    So, I ran a slow 3 miles then walked 1.5.  Her doll had fallen out yikes on loop 1 and it took me until loop 3 to find it(thankfully).  We stopped and watched the ducks for a little while I stretched. This is where we stopped for a bit.  I didn't my camera but this is what it looks like. It is beautiful out today so I am taking the girls outside for a bit!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lewis and Clark Half Marathon Recap

My morning started very early, I woke up at 4 am, tried to go back to sleep but it was no use.  I decided I should pump because I wasn't sure when I would get to nurse the baby.  That could make for a miserable morning. Then, of course the lows had been in the 60s all week until Saturday when a cold front came through.  It was in the 30s Sunday morning and was supposed to stay in the 40s for the race.  Ideal race temps really, but I always struggle when the weather first changes on figuring out what to wear so I'm comfortable.  After changing a few times I finally decided on the capris, lightweight long sleeve and a tank under in case I got hot.
My sister picked me up at 5:50.  Start time was 7:15 and it should take 35 minutes to get there.  Then we hit the traffic jam.  Apparently, everyone was taking the same route to the race.  So, what was supposed to take 35 minutes took an hour and 25 minutes.  Awesome.  My sister and I decided to subtitle this race Fleet Feet You Suck!  There was no one assisting with parking to get people in the lot quickly.  No signs telling you which way was the start.  We pulled into the parking lot at start time.  We quickly walked to the start,  the porta-pottys were open so we made a quick stop and jumped in line.  There were so many people the back of the pack hadn't started yet.  Unfortunately, that meant we were starting with the walkers.  We crossed the start line at 7:32.
Waiting at the finish
We tried to just start slow and not weave around too much to pass people but they were walking.  And, it was crowded for the first several miles.  It was actually pretty crowded the whole course.  The course was so boring.  We ran on by this route with a lot of industrial businesses and very little traffic.  Would have been great for the biking section of a triathlon.  They even had us run on the highway to cross over the river.  The only little cute spot with people lining the street came around mile 12.

Cousin looking strong at the finish

I actually felt really good.  I ran with my sister until mile 7.  Around then I decided I was going to try and pick up the pace a little.  (She had moved into a new apartment the day before so she was pretty tired to start.) I felt good, had to stop and tie my shoes a little tighter and turn on my ipod around mile 8.5. Didn't start feeling bad until after mile 10.  Got a little side stitch.  I took the gu they gave out at 8 and I wasn't planning on taking it.  Not sure if that had anything to do with it though.  I ran though the stitch.  Saw my hubby, kids, and youngest sister at the final stretch.
Me-I was actually running
Had a hard time getting through the people to find my family.  Finally found my sister and cousin.  We then headed toward the shuttles to take back to the start (and our cars). We had to wait 30 minutes for the shuttle.  With a baby and a three year old, it seemed like forever.  Another poor planning on Fleet Feet's part.  This is the last year for this race, which is a good thing because I wouldn't recommend it.  Boring course run on expressway, highway and other really sloped roads make for difficult running.
My sister all done
We had a fun day anyway.  My cousin finished her first half, in 2 hours flat at that.  I was slow but finished.  My sister was only 4 minutes behind so I probably should have just stayed with her.  Totally forgot to get a picture of all of us together.
Splits 11:30, 11:43, 10:51,10:40,10:41,10:43,10:44,10:05,10:41(stopped to tie shoe), 10:16,10:23, Started to hurt last 2 miles. 11:07, 11:01
Total 2:21:33
My sister wore her Garmin and had 13.3 miles, we think because of all the running around the walkers the first couple of miles.
Take away, I need to get in some mileage this winter.  I knew I was a little under prepared for this race but I finished.  Next race should be a 5 or 10k, that is more where my mileage is right now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First post baby half marathon = Complete!  

Recap coming soon, when I have the energy to type!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I enjoyed running with my running group today.  It is a rare treat when my schedule works out so I can meet up with them.  Even had time for coffee afterwards.

2. Starting to regret my decision to run the half on Sunday.  I am going to have to get up super early, trek 40 minutes. and take a shuttle to the start.  So, the hub and the kids won't bother,  they were just going to meet me at the finish but who wants to take a baby, preschooler, and stroller on a shuttle because there is no parking in the finish area(wtf?)  Not to mention it is supposed to be like 38 degrees at the start, guess I need to find my capris and a pair of gloves.....Oh, and hope my boobs don't explode from lack of breastfeeding all morning.

3. Just had my first pumpkin beer of the season.  And it was awful, tasted like a bud.  Then saw it was actually a michelob product trying to disguise itself as a microbrew.  So to Jack's Pumpkin Patch, you may have fooled the hub with your deceptive labeling but you can't fool my taste buds.  I promptly poured out that swill.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Missed my Tuesday run, not a real shock.  I worked all night, got 2 hours of sleep then had the kids the rest of the day.  I was also super crabby mom so that was not great.  When the hub got home I snuck in another hour or so before heading up to the preschool for a meeting.

So today was a make-up day.  Had Sculpt class this morning.  Then, we had a great afternoon at the Botanical Garden.  It was a beautiful day and we weren't in any hurry so we spent the whole afternoon.  I would have taken pictures but a certain 3 year old dropped the camera last week and we haven't gotten a new one.  

Running wise I got in a 4 mile run today.  I am in taper mode for the half marathon on Sunday so just a couple more short runs this week.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long run

Let's start with my weekend leading up to todays log run.  First, I was awake for oh, 36 hours or so, minus and hour long nap before and after work Friday night and a 2 hour nap when the hub got home from work Saturday afternoon.  I got up after the 2 hour nap so I could eat dinner and go to bed at a normal time. (Otherwise, I would be wide awake at 11pm or 3 am and exhausted by morning.) So this morning when the kids woke up I was still feeling pretty crappy.  I fed the baby and fell back asleep for a little longer. It was raining this morning anyway so I was in no hurry to get out.  I put on a pot of coffee. Mistake #1.  I drank 5 cups of coffee from the time I got up until I got out the door.  Mistake #2  The only thing I had to eat all day was a grilled cheese. (I would have eaten a pb and banana sandwich but we were out of both pb and bananas.)  My parents were taking the three year old for an outing this afternoon, so I figured that would coincide with the baby's nap.  
I finally got out the door around 2 pm.  I had too much caffeine, and nothing to bring with me.   The plan was to do 2 five mile loops.  The loop starts and ends at my house so I would be able to make a pit stop if needed. The first loop went well enough, I strted nace and slow.  There was a little mist of rain but no downpours. It was cool and overcast.  I made it about 20 minutes and felt like I had to pee.  I knew I could wait until I got to the "real" bathrooms and not use the porta-potty that I would be passing.  My plan included running a slightly different route so I could swing by the corner market and pick up some gatorade as I finished up the first loop.  I barely made it into the house for bathroom break #2.  I put my gatorade into my 6 oz. bottle that I was carrying and started out for Loop#2.
The second loop was going well, I turned on my ipod.  I finished my g2 and stopped at a water fountain to refill.  I had to pee again.  Of course I had already passed the "real bathrooms" but I only had 20-25 minutes left.  I picked up the pace.  I steadily picked it up so by time I turned the corner on our block, I was sprinting.  Thankfully, I made it but I will not be testing my poor ole bladder next week.  I think I will skip the coffee before next week's half.  Ten miles total in 1:56.
 My plan going for the half will be to start slow, I can always pick up the pace as the race goes on.  Secondly, listening to music made the second loop go by quickly so I will definitely be using the ipod. Oh, and again skip the large ingestion of coffee. 
I also better check if there will be pottys along the race course, just in case:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Saw a joggler during my run yesterday.  What is a joggler you ask?  A juggler who runs of course.  Google it. Apparently,  there is more than one person who does this.      I found out that he will be running the same half marathon I'm doing.  He is raising money for charity.  He goes by Juggling Jeff.   He was running at a good clip while juggling three bowling pins.  No, I didn't get a picture either.  But I'll be on the lookout for him on October 3rd.

2.  I am super sore from sculpt class and my 5 mile run yesterday.  I ran this morning at a different park.  Going into it I thought the loop was 1.2 miles.  It was taking forever to get around the park.  I looked at my watch. Crap. Am I really running 15 minute miles?  It was hot, had a few rolling hills and I was pushing the stroller,  but really?  I ran 3 loops in a little under an hour.  Doing math I was hoping that I had the distance wrong.  I checked when I got home- it was actually a 1.65 mile loop.  Awesome.  about  5 miles in about an hour is much better.  

3. Already looking at marathon plans I've used in the past and thinking about what I liked, disliked, how well my training worked race day, etc. What training plans do you like?  Do you follow Higdon, Galloway, Fitzgerald, Daniels methods?

Monday, September 20, 2010

They announced a new Rock and Roll marathon today. I signed up *gulp* for the FULL.

My return to the marathon. I have 13 months to prepare. Here we go.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I had my long run all planned out. The streets were going to be closed for 6.5 miles starting about a mile from the house. It is an initiative to get people out on their bikes, walk,run. The Y is one of the sponsors and at certain spots there would be yoga, zumba and fun things for the kids to do. I figured I could push the kids over in the double and my hubby could hang with them while I ran out and back. There would be places for water and people watching to keep me entertained along the way. Perfect, right?

Then it decided to thunderstorm all morning. No running in lightening for me. I finally decided to head out after it looked like the lightening had stopped. I didn't get started until after 10. It poured, I was soaking and miserable. Then it slowed down. My knee was left knee was a little cranky. It gets that way if I change my gait due to things like weather. I stopped to wring out my skirt. I think it weighed 5 pounds. I decided to stop back by the house for a change of clothes. AND, I still haven't headed back out. When I stopped in I realized I was really hungry and couldn't talk myself into going back out. So, my 9 miler turned into about half that distance.

Of course, now the sun is starting to peek out and I'm sure it's humid and nasty. Just not feeling it though, so I may finish up later, I may have to make one of my midweek runs a long one, I haven't decided yet. Maybe I'll feel inspired later. But for now I'm home feeding the baby.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week Recap

Made it through this week, at least the part I was stressing about. We had a lot going on this week. I was working an extra 2 afternoons to make 4 shifts this week. On top of a new session at the y (and 2 classes for me to teach), preschool, and the start of my hubby's new work schedule. It took juggling and planning but we made it. I even got my running done, I just have to run 5 miles today. Which I am getting ready to do now that the hubby is home.

On the mommy front, the 3 year old threw up last night in her bed and didn't tell anyone. She woke up with puke in her hair, all over the bed, you get the picture. AND she snuck into our bed this morning and laid at the foot of the bed, SO, two sets of bedding to wash and a bath first thing in the morning. She seems to be fine now, no fever, no upset tummy so I guess she got it out of her system.

As for my workouts this week-I taught on Monday, so I was a little sore from that I haven't been hitting the lunges, push-ups etc. for the last 6 weeks. I ran 3 miles on Tuesday. I taught on Wednesday then raced to work. I was sore again on Thursday but dropped off at preschool and took the baby for a 5 mile run with the stroller. I felt like a rock star. That is the furthest I have run pushing that thing. I figured out how to run with it. Of coarse it took me until the second kid but whatever. Woke up last night a few times with calf cramps so I am planning on wearing my compression socks for my run today and tonight when I am at work.

Long run planned for Sunday, will do 9 or 10 miles depending on how I feel.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

10k Race Recap

Heading over to the park I was wondering if this race was going to be a waste of time. The kids were up throughout the night. The baby woke up about the time I drifted off to sleep. I got her back to sleep about an hour later. Two hours later the three year old woke up and came into our room. Three hours after that the baby was up for another feeding. Got another hour or two of sleep before the alarm clock went off. Couple that with my poor nutrition Saturday night, I had a beer and ice cream cake while at a my cousin's birthday party. Oh, did I mention the frozen pizza and salad I ate for dinner? Needless to say, I was not going to set any records and I was questioning my ability to suck it up enough to finish.

I had half of a banana, some almonds and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I jogged over to the park, a mere 7 minute jog from my front door. Love living that close to the park. Got my number and headed toward the mid/back of the pack. The race included a 5k and 10k. The later being two loops of the course. I was going to try and start slow. I find it hard to find my pace at the beginning of a race especially when some are running shorter distance. First mile was a little faster than I anticipated, then I slowed down a little too much. Finding a pace and sticking with it does not come easily. There were 2 water stops. They also had a walk that started five minutes after the run started. Which worked out well until mile four when we caught up to the last of the walkers. There really was plenty of room though so I didn't have to waste too much energy going around them.
My splits were as follows:
  1. 9:00
  2. 10:16
  3. 9:15
  4. 9:44
  5. 10:22
  6. 8:56 The last 0.2 1:29
Total time for the 10k 59:05. I was happy with that. I was hoping to finish in about an hour so that was right where I wanted to be. And yes you read that right, 8:56 for the last mile. I looked at my watch at mile 5 and knew if I picked it up I could finish just shy of an hour.

Goals leading up to the half marathon in three weeks are:

Nutrition: I need to eat better and fuel better for my long runs.

Pacing: I need to maintain more even pace. I'm all over the place. Not sure how I'll go about that yet.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day of Firsts

My three year old started preschool. She walked in, sat down and started playing. She refused to smile for a picture or even look up. In fact she gave me the back of her head for a picture.

So while I only had one kid, I met up with some friends and ran with the single jogger. It was the baby's first time in the single, she's only run with me in the carseat in the double so she got to see a bit more of the world. She was really good and just chilled the whole time. I even got to hang with a few of the gals afterwards for coffee.

When I picked her up from school, she was the only kid to cry because she didn't want to leave. As you can see she was not happy that I came to get her.

As for my running this week, pretty much as planned. Five miles on Tuesday, three on Wednesday, 40 minutes today but I ran with the stroller so I think that should be close enough to five miles without it. I am working a different schedule this week so we'll see how the rest of the week goes. I have a 10k race on Sunday.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Recap

The baby woke up at 4:30 am on Sunday. And instead of thinking "ugh, there goes my run" I thought, "Good, I'll get an early start." Of coarse, we both ended up falling asleep on the couch a little after 6. Had a little breakfast (toast with peanut butter) and coffee when we woke. Forgot I am going to have to figure out nutrition before the half. So, by time I actually left it was 10 am.

Luckily, it was beautiful outside. I decided to leave some water on the porch and do two loops of 4 miles each. The first loop went well, finished in my normal time, about 41 mins. The second loop was a couple minutes slower so no negative split. Total time 1:24. I think that was 10:30 minute average.

I didn't wear my compression socks yesterday nor did I wear them after I got home. I am sore today. Mainly my calves. So, I guess they have been helping. I wear them to work and I can tell a huge difference in the morning when I get off work if I don't wear them. But, I wasn't sure about running for a few miles. Not much of an experiment but I'll be wearing them either during or after my long runs.

Plan for the week:
  • Tuesday- 5 miles ( off monday night)
  • Wednesday -3 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles
  • Friday- probably rest day, working Thursday night
  • Sat- rest or easy
  • Sun- 10 k race

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kids say...

Since my fall Wednesday my hip has been sore and bruised. I attempted to run yesterday, jogged over to the park but it was still bothering me. Later in the day I was complaining about one of the cuts on my hand hurting and telling my 3 year old that I fell while running.

She said : "Mom, you're not a very good runner. "

me:"No, I guess I'm not."

"I'm a good runner. I could hold your hand and keep you safe."

Notice how she saved the insult with a sweet comment on the end. For those of you who don't have small children the "keep you safe" is from too much Dora and Diego.

Going to try and run later this afternoon when the hubby gets home. Hoping my injured saddlebag feels good enough to do the 4.5 miles I have on the agenda. Going to ice it before I go. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This morning I woke up and just had a few minutes to get out the door. I threw on my running clothes, foregoing the contacts and wearing my glasses. Grabbed my hat since it was raining lightly. It was still really dark and the sun didn't start to peak out until I was halfway through my run. I only saw a few people out. It was muggy, really muggy, fog up the glasses kind of muggy.

I was most of the way around the park when it started to pour. I put my hat on and kept going. Running in the rain doesn't bother me. It rained two out of the three marathons I've run. I was almost home and going to add on a little more when I went down. I tripped and went sliding head first across the asphalt. They had just repaved the street with chip and seal so I had gravel all down one side. I think it was the fogged up glasses that caused me to miss a bump in the sidewalk next to the alley. I slid across it like I was sliding into home plate. Luckily, my running skirt and socks withstood the slide. My hands are a little torn up as is my hip but otherwise okay.

So lesson learned, I will take the extra time to put my contacts in before I run:)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Recap

Sunday started early, the baby woke up at 2:30. The hubby tried first to get her back to sleep then it was my turn. So I was up at 3:30. After I fed the baby she wanted to play. I tried to limit the playing, I didn't want to encourage her to stay up. So, I put her in the bouncer with a toy and I played around on the computer, reading blogs as you can see by the giveaways on the right. -->
The baby finally fell asleep a little after 5. I tried to lay back down but couldn't fall asleep. Made some coffee, found my running clothes and got my run started.

I am so happy I got an early start, it warmed up pretty quickly. I got through the first 5 miles, ran pretty slowly. The last 2, I stopped at 3 water fountains and refilled my little 6 oz water bottle I was carrying. It had gotten pretty hot and I was feeling pretty dehydrated. But I finished and am back on track with my training program. It took 1:17 which is 11 min avg so I can't complain about that.

Friday, August 27, 2010

yeah for sleep

Baby slept through the night, three nights in a row!! So I ran three mornings in a row before she woke. woo-hoo!

I am concerned about figuring out some sort of schedule though. My hubby changes his hours in a few weeks and he will be leaving for work at 6 am (yikes!). I am unsure of when I'll get my runs in. I like having them finished before the kids wake so I don't have to worry about it later. I don't think i'll be able to get up early enough to drive to the y and be back by 6. And it is still dark when I leave the house at 6 to run as it is. Definitely don't feel comfortable running outside any earlier. May have to suck it up and try to push the double stroller that we spent all that money on. At least now I can put the baby in without the carseat, that will help lessen the load. I will just have to bribe the 3 year old to sit in it for at least a little while. Maybe the kids will cooperate and go into the remodeled kid watch area.

So I think my options are as follows:
  1. Get up at 430 am to drive to the y and run on the treadmill
  2. Use the double stroller
  3. Put the kids in child watch and hope for the best
  4. Run in the evening
  5. Get a treadmill for the house, which I would either have to win or get (almost) free, cause it isn't in the budget.
So that's it. I have a few weeks before I will need to change. Any thoughts? Any input, ideas would be appreciated.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day two of this cool weather and the baby sleeping through the night. Makes it easy to go for that early morning run. I am definitely being spoiled by this, looking forward to fall.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cool weather

Don't know when fall started but my run sure felt good this morning. I didn't run yesterday as planned, I was too tired. I had a busy night at work and didn't get much sleep yesterday. I went to bed super early. The baby actually slept through the night so I woke up at 5:40 and checked on her. Figured since I was up and she was asleep I should head out for a run. Left the house at 6, it was still pretty dark but it was cool- in the 60's. Got in 45 minutes. The kids were both still asleep so I caught up on email and fb. Not sure what I am going to do when the hubby has to start leaving for work at 6 in a few weeks. May have to save up for a treadmill so I can still sneak in a run before the kids wake up.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On Bad Races and the Morning After

I have not been running well the last couple of weeks. Between the skipped workouts, the heat and the frequent nighttime feedings, my running has suffered. My race did not go well. It was Saturday evening, I had worked Friday night and had slept off and on Saturday. I had a meal about 3 hours before the race. My stomach was a little upset at the start and my legs felt like lead. Not good when the race is only 3k and you need some speed. The course was hilly. I thought I'd start out slow and pick it up the second half but the pick up didn't happen. Finishing time 17:02.
They also had a free 1/2 mile kids race so I "ran" that with my 3 year old. She had fun but was tired from walking to the race, playing at the playground and the kids race didn't even start until 7:15. She is usually heading to bed around that time. I had to carry her for a little bit. She pulled up her socks to "wear them like mommy" since I have been wearing compression socks.
Then, Sunday was weigh in day. I had lost 2 pounds. Not sure how that happened after only losing a half pound the last several weeks but it was a nice surprise. So, we'll se how this week goes, not sure how or when I'll fit in my workouts this week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Didn't make my run yesterday evening (are you surprised) after being awake most of the night and all day. Went to bed super early in preparation for the baby to wake up. I guess the combination of three shots at her 6 month check-up and the tylenol I gave her helped 'cause she slept through the night. So I snuck in my run already this morning. It was a slow 4 miles but I finished it. So hopefully I am back on track, just need to run 4 tomorrow morning now.

Oh, and my weekly weigh-in, another half pound. So I am happy I have been consistently losing a half pound per week for the last 3 weeks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Miss Sleep

Been awake with the baby since 2:40 am. She finally fell asleep around 4:30 but of course I couldn't fall asleep then. Got some laundry and dishes done, was starting to feel tired but guess what. I hear the 3 year old and the baby waking up. Coffee is needed. Hoping to have enough energy to do my 4 miler this evening. Guess I should have done it before the hubby left for work. At least all of my running skirts will be clean and dry by then. That should motivate me to get out the door:-)
On the bright side I got my 2 miler in yesterday evening after working the night shift and only sleeping for 3 hours. It was slow but I'm saving all that speed for Saturday's race. HA!

Friday, August 13, 2010

This week has been a total fail. Just as I start to make progress I shoot myself in the foot. I was tired and not feeling well Wednesday, attempted Thursday-it was just too hot. This morning I got out but only ran 3 instead of 4. So I am falling short this week. I think this heat is getting to me. Been feeling pretty tired and blah. Hoping for that "cool front" to move in so the highs go down to 90. We'll see how thw weekend goes. I am hoping to do 2 tomorrow morning when I get off work and then 6 on Sunday.

Monday, August 9, 2010

So not only did my hubby keep the baby in the other room Saturday night so I could get sleep, he also got up with her when she woke up. I got six hours of sleep-IN A ROW. Yep I was feeling good. So Sunday morning did not totally suck. It wasn't as hot so I ran six miles. I ran slow and felt okay, that last mile was tiring but I did try to pick it up towards the end. Trying the 3/1 thing from Hal Higdon's book Run Fast. Didn't feel too bad later in the day and I wasn't sore today.

Today was super hot so I modified stroller class to stay in the shade close to the building in case anyone got overheated, we could head inside. R played with a little boy who will be in her preschool class. They played well so hopefully she will be okay with staying there without me. She already said she didn't want to go without me and baby P.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yep that was me driving around town with a crown on, a paper crown that said mom on the front. My three year old made it for me an I asked me to wear it two days in a row.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yes it was 101 degrees at 6pm when I went for run and no it wasn't that bad. Really. I took it slow and stayed close to home. Ended up running 3.5. woot-woot! Made me feel like I deserved the crown my three year old made for me today:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The kiddos kept me up Saturday night so Sunday morning was a total fail. But believe it or not I actually got my run in Sunday night after bedtime. Felt good and felt fast, had to dodge all the concert goers as they were leaving the park. Finished the 5 miles in 50 minutes.
Of course I couldn't sleep after having such a good run and then the baby woke up just as I was winding down so Sunday night was a sleep fail. Arrgh, can't seem to get the baby's sleep schedule together but I am working on it. I have high hopes of getting her on some sort of schedule. Someday. soon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The last few days

Oops. haven't updated for a few days but I have been running. I actually ran 5 miles on Sunday. Mapped out a 5 mile route and I figured I could always walk the last mile home if needed. It wasn't easy but I sucked it up and ran the whole thing, wasn't fast either but I'm hoping that will come in time.
Oh and the exciting news, I lost my 1 pound for the week so I am still on track for my 12 pounds in 12 weeks goal. woo-hoo!

Monday-Stroller class
Wednesday ~ 4 miles

Today I only had to do 2 miles so I decided to run quickly and I wore my new Nike Frees. I actually felt pretty good and it only took 17:40. So I am getting faster. The shoes didn't seem to hurt my feet or anything so I'll see how I feel later. Planning on doing a dvd later for some abs and toning. Going to put on some coffee, get the diapers in the wash and run the dishwasher before the kids wake.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Too much heat

Got all my weekday workouts in this week. Got up and out again this morning. Really wanted to bag it after 20 minutes but I got a drink at the water fountain, stretched and kept going. Did the whole loop about 45 seconds faster today than Wednesday.

On a kid note, the heat is keeping us inside, the baby just can't be out in 110 heat index. I think the 3 year old is sick of playing tag and hide and seek inside. She has been driving me CRAZY today. She has been having multiple accidents of poop not pee thank you. I think I gave her three, yes, three. baths. today. I'm hoping this is just some retaliation for having to divide my time between her and the baby 'cause I am seriously sick of laundry. At least I'll have help this weekend so hopefully it will improve. And maybe a little relief from the heat next week so we can get outside for at least a little bit.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two days in a row. Just 2 miles on the training plan so I jogged about 20 minutes then did 30 second sprints/30 second jogs x 10 and jogged home. Felt pretty good doing the sprints, ended up getting a good workout.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well not much sleep last night, I think the baby got up every 2 hours, at least. After the 4:30 am feeding I just got up and went for a run. Felt pretty good, did 42 minutes (the loop of the park). Got an awful crick in my neck/shoulder. Took ibuprofen, we'll see if it helps. I must have slept wrong.
Oh and the exciting news, I won a pair of Nike's from Big River's ladies night. Picked those up, got to pick whatever Nike's I wanted. Awesome huh? I tried on racing flats, running shoes and settled on the Nike Free 5.0. They are an awesome pink color. I'll probably just wear them around and not for training. I'll see if they feel different than any other shoes.Women's Nike Free 5.0 V4

Monday, July 19, 2010

So the weekend was a total bust. I worked Friday night so I was too tired Saturday to do anything. Planned on getting out early Sunday but the kids had other plans. Between the 2, I was up from 12:15 am until almost 4 am. Needless to say Sunday wasn't pretty. I was tired and had a headache. No amount of coffee was going to help. I felt awful all day. Skipped the run.
Got up early Monday, ran a mile and a half and then walked home. It was hot, humid and I still felt crappy and crabby. Stroller class was cancelled due to inclement weather so I took the kids out for breakfast. Drank lots of coffee. Even stopped by the library.

Good news to post- I was down a pound when I weighed in Sunday. Yeah! Still on track for 12 pounds in 12 weeks goal. Also no big deal on missing the long run Sunday. Just means I'm doing the novice, it repeats and the long run this week is also four.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I almost missed my three miler but I snuck it in this evening. Took a rest day Thursday just because that is how it worked out. I was going to get up early and go this morning but the baby was up most of the night. I ended up getting her to fall asleep at almost 8 pm. So I figured I had 30-40 minutes before it was dark. Yeah! Would not have gotten out there at that time had it not been on the training plan.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Got up and out while the kids were still asleep. woo-hoo. Three miles today and it was already hot. Wore my compression socks too since I had just run 12 hours earlier. Seemed to help because my legs felt heavy when I first got out of bed but didn't feel to bad during the run.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon training started today. Only had a short time to fit in a run. Fed the baby, had the 3 year old busy on and the hubby was making dinner. Switching the Tuesday, Wednesday workouts. Did 5 x 2:20 at moderately hard pace with 1:10 jogs between. Total about 2.25 miles. Was guessing on the time it would take for me o do a 400. Plan calls for 3 miles Wednesday and Thursday. I am hoping to get up early those days, it is supposed to be really hot the next week. I have Friday as a back up if I miss one of those days.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Goal

I have some weight to lose yet so I have decided to try to lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks. This is just a goal, not sure if I can make it a reality but I will be happy if I can lose 10. Starting weight 125. So we'll see, it will coincide with my 12 week training plan for the half marathon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Did 3 miles this afternoon, wasn't nearly as humid. It made for a much easier run.
Starting the half marathon training plan on Monday. Looking forward to it. It will make me put in some miles. Going to use Hal Higdon plan, might combine the novice and intermediate. The novice repeats the long run distances (i.e. 4,4,5,5,) whereas the intermediate increases by a mile each week with a few race weeks thrown in. So, I'll just alter the novice by doing the intermediate long runs. I like the idea of just adding on one mile a week and peaking at 12 rather than repeating the long run distance and maxing at 10 miles. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Intersection

I was out for my usual run, just doing an out 15 min turn around. Got back in 14:20 probably because of the adrenaline on the way back. Crossing the street, did the usual wave, make sure the car is stopping for the stop sign when he started pulling forward when I was directly in front of him. I yelled and luckily he had his window open and stopped. He even said "sorry 'bout that." So frustrating, there is a giant cross walk and stop sign and still people blow through the intersection. There is also bus stops on both sides of the street so there are always people trying to cross there.
And this is supposed to be my stress relief from screaming children. Should I mention how many times the baby has puked on me today and how many accidents the three year old had? Should I mention the amount of laundry I have had to do? The kiddos are asleep so it doesn't seem so bad now, that and I had a beer after bedtime. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So, I only slept 90 minutes in the morning and the afternoon following work last night. But, I still managed a quick run. Did the HIIT workout again along with a warm up jog and cool down to make it about 2 1/2 miles.

Oh and yes I did workout Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Not sure how to add some sort of calendar to just post a few miles or a dvd workout. Not really wanting to make an entry each day.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I was able to get out and run today. Only 30 minutes but it felt good. Even got a few minutes of ab work done. Looking forward to the long weekend and getting in a few more miles.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was up with the baby so many times that I fell asleep after her early morning feeding and didn't get my morning run. So far I only snuck in a potion of a dvd. Hopefully, I'll either sneak something else in tonight or I'll just hope for some sleep tonight and run in the morning.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well, I got a mom's night out and saw Wicked. Of course I didn't get home until late and the baby woke up at midnight, 1,2 and 3:00. She then slept until 6 so before she started to fuss I jumped out of bed and told my hubby, "Back in 20." On my way out I heard my three year old stirring. So I did a quick couple of miles and came back home to both kids awake. Hard to believe 2 miles used to be a warm up and now it IS the workout. I have to get over feeling guilty about not running enough and be happy with getting in some mileage. I'll take what I can get.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Run

Woke up at 6 to go for a run but didn't get out the door until 7:30. One kid awake then the other, had to wait for the baby to go down for her morning nap. Ahh, the life of a mom.

My runs haven't gotten any easier bit I made it 43 minutes this morning. Yep, that's my long run for this week. I'll shoot for a little longer next week. This heat wave is supposed to end today and go back to the 80's for next week so I hope that will help:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lindsay Brin: HIIT Cardio - High Intensity Interval Training

Did this workout this morning-Lindsay Brin: HIIT Cardio - High Intensity Interval Training. It was short and sweet so I was able to squeeze it in after working all night and before the baby woke up from her brief nap. Good thing too 'cause it's hot out there. It was great to feel like I was doing some speedwork too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fitting It In

Yes I have become one of those moms. Between the heat, humidity, lack of time and energy, I am now running *gasp* before the kids wake up. I had a couple of weeks that between work and illness I think I may have run once. The baby has a routine feeding around 5 am and falls back to sleep. That's when I sneak out for 20-30 minutes. Mind you this is week two of doing this and only once one or both kids haven't been awake when I got back. So the shower thing has to wait for awhile and I don't usually get breakfast until later but it's better than not running. This way I ran 3 times last week and plan 3-4 times this week. I also find myself in bed before 10 pm so that's a good thing. Last night the baby slept from 10 until 5 so I have high hopes that this new running time will work for the family.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I ran for 30 minutes straight!!! without the stroller of course but I made it, 5k race here I come. Also did 10 min cardio portion of PNBC.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did dvd, wu,Cardio and Toning #2., core1

Monday, April 12, 2010


Ran/walked 30 minutes while pushing double stroller. Wore my new shoes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Cheered for my sister while she ran her first marathon. Seeing everyone run was definite motivation to get my butt moving.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

7 weeks

Had a couple of off days, kids did not cooperate, mainly couldn't get the baby to nap so I could sneak in a workout thursday or friday. Got to do BC2 dvd today:
Cardio & toning 1
Cardio 3

Went to the marathon expo with my sister, saw a lot of familiar faces. Purchased a new pair of running shoes to motivate myself to put in some miles.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today got the hubby to go with me for a 20 minute run/walk. I pushed the kids in the double stroller. Didn't go fast or far but I got out. Also did BC2 dvd, did core after run. Did WU, C&T 1, CD later in the evening.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Busy day with the girls, dentist, grandma's, great grandma's, played outside, I was only able to sneak in a 20 min run/walk. And the baby is having a bad evening, if she isn't nursing she's crying and I can't get her to fall asleep, think I'm in for a long night.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Today's workout: Lindsay Brin's Boot Camp 2 DVD. Did the warmup, cardio and toning 1&2, cd in the afternoon while the baby was sleeping and Rose was coloring/exercising with me. Did the core #1 section in the evening.

Losing the baby weight, again

Well I was cleared to start working out again. I have 20 pounds to lose to at least fit into my clothes. I will mainly be posting my workouts on this blog, maybe some other stuff we'll see.
weight 140
bust 38 (breastfeeding)
waist 32
hips 43
blech. I have a lot of work to do. I need to lay off the Easter candy:)