Monday, October 17, 2011

Go! Halloween 10k

We had a great time running with 5,000 others. I met my sister J and we ran from her house to the start, about 2 miles. There we met up with my parents, sister K, brother-in-law and nephew. The plan was to run together and NOT race. It is just too close to marathon day.
This was the also the first 10k for my sis and BIL. My parents hung out watched the race and my nephew. The girls stayed together with my BIL right behind. We ran fairly even splits, right around a 10:45-50. We had a great time seeing all the costumes, I felt relaxed and just enjoyed the day. Here is an after pic and finish line pic. I am in orange. We (the girls)went with a pirate theme.

I am SUPER nervous about the marathon Sunday do I am trying to channel my energy toward other things, like sewing and laundry. Oh, and I am trying to blog from my phone, we'll see how this turns out :)

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